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We are passionate about helping YOU acheive YOUR dreams by mastering injury prevention. We strive to elevate the lives of families by delivering top-quality training that transforms their physical capability in athletics & life, prevent injuries, and provide comprehensive support in nutrition counseling and innovative recovery techniques. Designed and overseen by a licensed physical therapist and facilitated by a team of professional trainers & coaches, we offer personalized 1:1 training and small group training sessions that foster a sense of community and accountability. Located in Northern Arizona, we are the largest training facility that offers the most effective training techniques you will not find anywhere else.

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We maintain small class sizes so they feel more like personal training vs a large class where you can get lost

We promise to give you the personal attention you need to realize your dreams

We place a high priority on injury prevention and recovery - which is often overlooked

every session is overseen & designed by a Licensed Physical Therapist

“My son loves working with the coaches. He needs someone who is willing to have fun and be goofy while also teaching him the key fundamentals he needs. This helps my child to avoid burn out at a young age.”

Maggie Hicks, Mother of 9 year old son, Jake

“I started taking Adult Strength Training sessions shortly after recovering from an injury. This was a life-changing experience for me. I walked into class and immediately met a group of people that were all dedicated to helping each other improve. The coaches were helpful at ensuring I progressed physically without injuring myself again”

Rebecca Melton, June 2023

"We moved to Prescott in November of 2022. We immediately put our kids in the group training sessions in the hopes of making some connections. They loved the Youth Speed and Agility training and wanted to skip everything else so we could go. In their personal training sessions, Coach Todd & Coach Alyssa were able to give my kids meaningful direction and connect them with a group of like-minded children who were excited about achieving their goals together. All the coaches have instilled confidence in my children and they feel excited about their abilities. Thank you to everyone at the facility for making my family feel included and welcome!"

Parents of Michael and Marley Melton, June 2023

"We are so grateful to have found this place! Everyone has been so welcoming our family and has made us feel right at home in Prescott after our recent move here from Phoenix. All the staff and trainers are amazing and so friendly, and we cannot believe such a top-notch facility exists. This is a one-stop-shop for all of our 5 kids! Our oldest son can take advantage the Cage Rentals and Small Group Training sessions such as Top Speed and Power Ball, while our other kids love the P.E. and Speed and Agility training sessions! The family membership option is such a cost-effective option for us, we are here nearly every single day. Thank you to all the coaches and staff!"

The Schmaltz Family, June 2023

"Colton has been using the training facility since it opened 2 years ago. As a parent, to witness him working with some incredible coaches, having the time of his life is a truly a parent's dream. Colton honestly loves it all! The staff pushes him to compete at the highest level, while still catering the lessons to his individual needs and growth areas! The encouragement from the older members gives my son positive role models which is incredibly special. Nothing makes my son feel like a rockstar than when the older athletes are cheering him on! Our time as member has been super beneficial in every single way! We are grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this amazing experience!"

Krystal Moody, Mom of Colton Moody, July 2023

"Absolutely love it here! We moved here from CA looking for a place for our son to progress with sports and it’s perfect. My son loves the different workouts they do including the weight room. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. They really care about the kids. They make you feel welcome and want the best for your family. We will definitely be enrolling our daughter next year!"

Lindsay Querbash, Mom of Cole Querbash, July 2023

"We feel so grateful to have such an incredible facility in our hometown! We love the staff and coaches, and our entire family has benefited from the athletic training, sports clinics and baseball training. It's great to be part of such an encouraging community of athletes... it feels like a big family! 💙"

Mattie Smith, July 2023

"I am so grateful to have a place like this in our community. My son is competitive in football and track and field. The speed and agility class has steadily increased his strength, speed and mental mindset. The coaches continue to provided a safe and knowledgeable environment that adds to my son's success in sports. Thank you for all you do!"

Brenda Phillips, Mom of Nicholas Phillips, July 2023

"The trainers are not only helping my sons reach their athletic goals with personalized instruction, it is educating them with the knowledge of proper lifting technique, the importance of nutrition and methods of stretching to increase flexibility. I have seen a visible increase in their self confidence on and off the field."

Kristin Funk, Mom of Varic and Rutger, July 2023

"I've been going to the facility for adult strength classes for a few months now, and have noticed a major difference in my strength, agility, and even my mood! Cody and Brady are great coaches, and tailor the workouts to my individual needs when I need a modification. I would highly recommend going!"

James Gardner, July 2023

"My son Thomas has been training with the coaches at the facility since before they opened. His main goal is to improve his baseball abilities. During that time he has worked with coaches Mitch Lambson and Tyler Green to develop his pitching skills. Both coaches worked to improve his mechanics and skills in both the physical and mental parts of pitching and develop the resources needed to contend in Baseball competition. I am like most parents, there was only so much I could help him with. In order for Thomas to progress to the next level, he needed the knowledge and experience of the coaches. We are also grateful for Brady Mangarelli working with Thomas to heal a tendon and ligament that was strained lifting weights with his High School Baseball team. Brady was knowledgeable and innovative, using different methods and treatments to heal the injury and return him to the field. Aliviah, Nicki and the rest of the staff are always helpful and informative answering questions, setting appointments and helping to make the entire experience a pleasant one for both the parent and the athlete."

Joseph McLaughlin, July 2023

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