adult & college Summer Camps & Clinics

Performance Yoga Flow

Mondays | Beginning June 3rd

Led by Mike Rodgers, a seasoned yoga instructor with a passion for optimizing athletic performance and recovery, this dynamic class combines traditional yoga principles with specialized techniques tailored for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you're a seasoned athlete, fitness enthusiast, or yoga novice, this session provides a holistic approach to strength, flexibility, and mental clarity, empowering you to thrive both on and off the mat. Join us this summer and discover the transformative power of Performance Flow Yoga.

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Elevate: summer Strength & Conditioning

Monday - Saturday

Join us and benefit from a workout designed by our expert trainers, ensuring you make the most out of your training session. Whether you're looking to enhance your fitness, improve your health, or reach specific training goals, our Adult & College programs provides the flexibility you need to succeed.

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Yoga Experience for Top-Level Performance

Saturday July 20th

An immersive experience designed to unlock the transformative power of yoga for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Led by our Master Certified Yoga Instructor, Mike Rodgers, this clinic offers a comprehensive exploration of yoga's benefits for enhancing athletic performance, injury prevention, weight loss, and overall well-being.

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ACL Injury Prevention Workshop: Protect Your Game, Play Longer!

Saturday August 31st 

Join us for an exclusive ACL Injury Prevention Workshop tailored to sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball, which have the highest rates of ACL injuries. Learn how to navigate sudden stops, changes in direction, and high-impact collisions with confidence, reducing your risk of ACL injuries while maximizing your athletic performance. Don't let an ACL injury sideline your season!

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Accelerated Weight Loss Clinic

June 1st 

We have the perfect program for you! Join us to learn how to accelerate weight loss and fast track your journey to a healthier you! Discover basic at-home movements, receive personalized nutrition counseling, and learn injury prevention techniques tailored to optimize your weight loss results. Say goodbye to tedious gym workouts and mundane treadmill sessions – with our clinic, you'll achieve faster and more effective results on your weight loss journey.

Warrior Women: Self Defense Clinic

June 25th & 27th

Join us for our empowering Women's Self-Defense Clinic, tailored for females aged 15-75. This workshop covers essential techniques including environmental awareness, verbal assertiveness, and practical self-defense maneuvers such as palm strikes, knee strikes, and hand removals. Participants will also learn effective locks and defensive strategies for when fatigue sets in. With a focus on fostering confidence and equipping women with vital skills to stay safe, this clinic is a must-attend for those looking to enhance their personal security and well-being.