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  • nutraMetrix Isotonix OPC-3®
    The most powerful antioxidant supplement on the market today!
  • nutraMetrix Isotonix® Multivitamin
    Get TOTAL Nutrition!
  • nutraMetrix Isotonix® Activated B-Complex
    BOOST your B Vitamins
  • nutraMetrix Isotonix® Calcium Complete
    Essential for maintaining strong bones, healthy teeth and gums

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  • Supports healthy NAD+ production
  • Promotes normal activity of SIRT-1 gene
  • Supports healthy mitochondrial function
  • Helps maintain healthy levels of ATP production within the cell
  • May help combat the cellular aging process
  • May help maintain NAD+ levels in aging adults
  • Helps to maintain neurological and cognitive health as we age
  • Supports cellular health

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Women's Health 

  • Supports a healthy complexion
  • Promotes healthy functioning of the skin at a cellular level, which results in health, vibrant-looking skin
  • Helps maintain normal cell health
  • Helps maintain healthy collagen production
  • Provides antioxidant protection for the entire body
  • Protects the body from free radicals
  • Helps support healthy bones, teeth, joints and skin

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Tower Protein/Creatine

  • Contributes to muscle strength
  • Aids in maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Assists in reducing exercise-induced muscle fatigue
  • May support muscle recovery
  • Supports overall sports performance
  • Supports insulin sensitivity
  • Facilitates optimal protein digestion
  • Quick source of energy
  • May aid in meeting protein requirements


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Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics

  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • May help ease occasional stomach upset
  • Promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Provides enzymes and good bacteria that promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Supports a healthy digestive tract
  • Supports healthy immune functions
  • Helps maintain normal skin
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Helps maintain the epithelial structure and barrier function

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Beauty Blend

  • Helps support the skin’s natural defenses from harmful environmental pollutants and chemicals
  • Powerful antioxidant that provides the skin with a defense against damage and signs of aging
  • Helps maintain an optimal moisture balance in skin that can minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pits
  • Promotes healing of minor skin injuries
  • Maintains healthy collagen and elastin levels to help preserve the elasticity of skin
  • Promotes healthy functioning of the skin at the cellular level, which results in healthy, vibrant-looking skin
  • Helps maintain healthy hair and nails – biotin
  • Adequate calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life

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